February 11, 2012

Piero BasketBall

 a few months ago Piero Footwear ask me to recommended a photographer who able to take an images of basketball, i feel challenged and then i replied "i can do it .." 

for several weeks I learned about basketball players who will be my model for this shoot. 
and of course looking for some references about the lighting.

at the shooting day i feel nervous and i don't know why..., about 10 years i did not follow basketball match in Indonesia, only one face that I knew because when I'm in Highschool i like to watching a basketball game, and the rest of them were new faces.

while taking photos, I talked to them about basketball in Indonesia now, which already highly developed... Bravo basketball Indonesia...

very pleased to work with you guys and thanks Piero footwear who has been entrusted me for the photoshoot... enjoyed my photo....

Nidji For Piero

This photoshoot i made ​​for Piero footwear last year to introduce their brand ambassador NIDJI.
Nidji is a band from JakartaIndonesia. Formed in 2002, Nidji's name comes from the Japanese word niji, meaning 'rainbow'. Their music can be classified under alternative pop genre, and the band has cited Coldplay and The Killers as major influences.. The band consists of Giring (vocalist), Andro (bassist), Run-D (keyboardist), Rama (guitarist), Ariel (guitarist), and Adri (drummer).