October 26, 2009

Stand still the series

part 1

location : jogja in the middle of night
model    : Gilz the buzz

October 15, 2009

another pic from La Lights iNdiefest Surabaya

here's another pic from La Lights indiefest

Shadow on ur skin

last week in surabaya, as usual, I worked as an photographer for a band. in my spare time I use the time for a photo session, and becaming gilbert as my model. 

Go dit

after a few weeks finally I had the opportunity to photograph my friend gogo, I initially wanted him to wear his shirt and short.. but, because I was busy these few weeks, I consequently be photographed with a simple think, and we using gogo's own clothes.
thank you for gogo's going to be my models this time...hahahahha

October 7, 2009

Rock and Roll cRew

I took this picture in 2008. This photo was made to fill the tattoo studio, the  illustration created  by my friend Nutcil

Goodnight Electric

Captured for documentation of electronic band 'Goodnight Electric' one of indonesian best electronic band ever.

Goodnight Electric formed by Henry Foundation right at the end of 2003 in Jakarta. A concept of music concentrated in synthpop genre. Inspired by musician in the early 80’s and 90’s such as Depeche Mode, Yazoo, The cure, Belle and Sebastian and The Lightning Seeds. Goodnight Electric combines elements from electro, pop and new wave using synthesizer and computer as the main tools. 
At first Goodnight Electric live performance supported by Bondi Goodboy and Oomleo, then evolves as a solid line up of trio dance group. 

thks for Mr. Fisma...

East Rider Crew

Breaker comunity from jakarta named East Rider Crew.
it's my first time taking b'boy picture... thanks for bian urbain magazine, which was given the opportunity to me... :D

ps : this pic publish on URBAIN Magz

La Lights indiefest surabaya....

Last week im goin to surabaya with saint loco, saint loco became one of the guest stars on the La Lights indiefest 2009. There are also rocket rockers and pee wee Gaskin at the same stage. while in surabaya I took myself to the Suramadu bridge.