November 30, 2009

Trust me...

yeay, my pictures for goodnight electric was used for their vinyl albums cover...
picture courtessy of Goodnight electric and MOMOSLEAZENOMO

SING FOR West Sumatera

Free magazine one of biggest free magazine in Jakarta, made a charity event for victims of the earthquake in western Sumatra. With performances from Seringai, Fall, Karissa, EGRV, Pee Wee Gaskin, etc.

Pot Meets Pop Denim x Arkiv Launching Party Bandung!

November 11, 2009

Night Photo Series

Scene 1 Stranger in ur night...
Astrid Rovska
Jakarta streets, sept 09

November 7, 2009

a hard day's night

indiefest bandung

the last edition of LA light IndieFest ... 
played in Bandung city exactly in Sabuga theater. 
this time not only saint loco feat with Fandy dfmc , but they invite astrid to rock the stage which makes the audience was surprised by her presence.

tickets sold out and the audience was enthusiastic. voice choir from audiance alongside the song create more festive. 
event went smoothly, only a few minor disturbances in sound.


wedding project

Bea and Dhanes Prewedding

indifest jogja

LA light IndieFest jogja 
rain had made the time go on stage delayed. but does not make enthusiastic audience subsided, saint loco rocked the stage at 10 pm. and after saint loco perform the police stopped the show. 

Indonesian Alive

November 3, 2009

Killed by Butterfly