September 29, 2009


a band called FisikaMatematika, consisting of two people who had long struggled in the electronics musics scene in Indonesia.they create a unique voice that could bring the listener to feel the music.

tHe Bachelor

marriage, this month I was busy with many pre-wedding photos. some of my friends apparently can not wait to take off bachelor. lucky for me because there is a possibility they would use my services as a photographer for pre-wedding photos. following one of the pre-wedding photos of my friends. enjoy it

September 13, 2009

a new friend called Dimie....

okay friends.. meet my new friend Dimie... a.k.a Diana mini, hahahahha... realy like and love it so much!!!
I initially was not interested with diana, but when mini diana is released, i  was interested in buying for it. not just funny and cute but the results of this diana make me happy and excited.

September 11, 2009


became famous and handsome hahaha...., maybe it was my best friend's dream. besides having a melodious voice, he loved very conscious photographed and aware of camera!!! here's come Arlan Djoewarsa!!!