January 29, 2010

Vietnam Trip

Day 2
21 januari 2010
Ho chi Minh city - Mui ne beach (6 hour) by sleeping bus
up in the morning, with a hurry packing. We ran toward the bus stop to go to mui ne, a beach on the east of Saigon, a distance of approximately 200 km. by paying 10 us dollars we sit on the bus sleeping, the bus is unique because it consists of two levels on the inside, which meant the level of chair parts that story. the bus had stopped at the lodge that I use to eat breakfast. at one bus arrives at a cafe in mui ne.
mui ne area looks like carita beach in Indonesia with an atmosphere like in bali sanur. we were met by a tour guide that offers lodging and will plan our vacation. after a long debate we decided to stay a few hours in mui ne and will continue the journey toward na thrang beach early in the morning.
one day in mui ne, we decide to tour around mui ne.
the first places we visited was the fairy stream that is a place where the river water flowed, we thought the water is deep but not.
after that we visited a fishing village and to the white sand dune at the Bau trang. a place like the desert in Africa which is one of tourist objects in mui ne.
we eat seafood again, this time we tried to try vietnam restaurant, and one of the friends joined local people cooking together.

pic taken with eos350D
by. Rendha||Avisoo||Syafwin

Vietnam Trip

Day 1 '
20 januari 2010 
Jakarta - Ho chi minh city

January is the month that I wait, because the ticket i was purchased from the month of August will be used as well. departed from Soekarno-Hatta Airport with the heart pounding with the passport validity period is low. finally arrived safely in Ho Chi Minh City with no constraints on immigration. The first day was spent in Saigon, we stayed in district 1 Bi Saigon Hotel. where we stayed was a backpackers area. after checking in we went out to find food. because this is the first time me and my friends to vietnam we confused choosing foods. ultimately the choice fell on seafood. various kinds of shellfish, squid and snails were booked. hmmm ...., taste delicious after dinner we went back to the hotel to rest for a long run tomorrow,

January 14, 2010

Portrait Photo

I’m learning that portrait photography can be tough in more than one way, 
I feel that these photos are strong enough to stand on their own without lengthy descriptions

Little princess

my friends niece julia ,loves to dress up like a princess. wearing a sweet and sassy dress reminds me of my childhood, where I refused to wear my mom choice, which I think is very feminine. 
Childhood is a phase where we can wish and dream can be anything .... 
ohhh if only those days come back again ... :)

January 13, 2010

January 2010

another new year has come
another year to live
fill with destiny and hope
to live each day with faith
my highest and my best
for a new hope...

Thanks to Rizki Mashudi, Estelle Dianti, Barry Arief, and Hilda Ambar